Tempobet Promo Code 2020

Tempobet has been present on the international sportsbook scene for quite a while now, but it took them some time to get a hold of the UK market and its numerous bettors. Now that they are finally here, we can take a look at what they have to offer in their sportsbook. In this short review, we will go over all the things that are relevant for a sportsbook, like what their betting options are like, whether they have a bonus and a Tempobet promo code, as well as their odds offer and mobile availability.

But first, let us see the Tempobet sportsbook bonus offer and what it entails:

Tempobet Bonus TypeBonus Offer
Tempobet Promo CodeTBA
Tempobet Sportsbook Welcome OfferVarious promotions available - check the site
Turnover RequirementsTBA

Tempobet Sportsbook Bonuses

As far as the Tempobet sportsbook bonus offer is concerned, we will have to slightly disappoint you from the very start. Currently (we don’t know whether that is due to some problems or intentionally), there is no welcome bonus offer, nor is there a Tempobet promo code which will grant you a bonus for joining. This does not mean, however, that there won’t be a promotion in the near future or that there are no time-limited bonuses available.

The thing is that we can expect there to be a Tempobet welcome bonus in the near future, as it is the easiest way to draw in new customers and take over some of the customers from the rivaling bookmakers. This is something that Tempobet definitely need, even if they have invested heavily in marketing promotions and sponsorship deals with various football clubs.

Tempobet Promo Code Offer – Key Terms and Conditions

Like we said above, currently, there is no welcome offer. However, it is still possible to find information about key terms and conditions which are in place for all the bonuses, whenever they should come out. Tempobet has all these general bonus T&Cs available in the General Terms and Conditions part of their website, and they will come into effect when there is a Tempobet promo code. These include:

  • Bonuses can be subject to the wagering obligation, which means that the bonus you receive has to be wagered a set number of times before it comes in the form of withdrawable money.
  • If the wagering requirement is not met before the given time frame ends, then the bonus funds are forfeited.
  • There may or may not be a Tempobet promo code for the promotions.
  • Only one bonus will be available per an account holder (this means no more than one bonus per user, computer device, IP address, family, residential address, credit/debit card and/or e-payment account, and e-mail address)
  • Tempobet reserves the right to offer certain bonuses and promotions to only certain groups of customers.
  • Tempobet reserves the right to revoke the bonus offer to specific customers, if they are found to abuse the bonus terms and conditions.

Head over to their website and read the terms and conditions in full before you start wagering. It is something that we always recommend, as that is the only way that you know that you are playing according to the rules, which further means that you will be able to claim your bonus winnings, and, generally, keep your account from being taken down by Tempobet’s administrative service.

Tempobet Odds

When it comes to odds, Tempobet are not really among the forerunners in regards to their competition. We can say that their margins are average, at best. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The difference in margins (and thus, in odds offered for the matches) is not very big between different sportsbooks, so we are talking about a difference in a few percents (which can sometimes indeed be a lot, but in most cases, it does not present a significant difference).

When it comes specifically to Tempobet odds, there is a difference in margins depending on the sport and the league for the sport. For example, the odds offered for, let’s say, Premier League and La Liga (two of the most famous football leagues in the world) are better than the odds for some Nordic league or some other more obscure football league. This is because the margins for these obscure leagues are higher, as the sportsbook knows less about them. The same goes for the lesser known sports, as well.

All in all, you won’t make a big mistake if you choose Tempobet over others, even though the odds aren’t the best in the market.

Tempobet Mobile

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint all those among you who like to bet using a mobile app, as Tempobet does not currently offer this possibility to their customers. However, it is still possible to access the Tempobet website via a mobile browser and enjoy this sportsbook while you are away from home. The website is well optimized and looks natural even on the phone, so you should have no problem with getting oriented once there and finding the match(es) that you wanted to bet on.

Also, we presume, it will be possible to grab the Tempobet promo code even from the mobile phone, although we are not sure whether we should expect any special Tempobet sportsbook welcome offers for mobile phone users, as this has not been a standard practice in the industry for a while now. Whatever happens, we will let you know, so check this review often for any updates.

Tempobet and Fulham

While Tempobet has been hunting lower-tiered football clubs until now (see their sponsorship deals with Preston North End and Burton Albion), they have started affiliating themselves with more important clubs and leagues as well. The latest addition to their sponsorship roster is Fulham FC, the club from West London, who are, unfortunately for them, back in the Championship.

The deal is certainly financially beneficial to Fulham, who now have great ambitions to make a run back for the Premier league, while it gives Tempobet presence with a large fan base that Fulham certainly has throughout the UK and the world. So it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Tempobet Review Conclusion

All things considered, we can safely say that choosing Tempobet will not be a mistake for any player who enjoys betting on sports. Their website is excellently organized and easy to navigate. Their odds, while not being the best on the market, are pretty decent, which means that the margins are not that high. The only reason why you should maybe wait with registration is the absence of a Tempobet promo code. There is currently no welcome bonus for the new customers, but we are sure that sooner, rather than later, they will come out with a Tempobet promo code, or at least with a Tempobet sportsbook welcome offer.

As soon as that happens, we will update this review and let you know about what’s new regarding the Tempobet promo code or the Tempobet sportsbook in general.

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