A news broke today in the UK that Smarkets, an already well-known sportsbook from the UK, has decided to launch a new sportsbook app for the UK residents. Keep reading to find out more about what makes this app special.


From the latest reports in the UK market, we can see that the majority of the online betting community is using their mobile devices to place new bets and check the existing ones.

It makes a perfect sense then, that an already established brand like SBK has decided to launch a new mobile app project that could make their betting experience even better.
We provided this table, which will be updated with the latest information, to provide you with relevant facts about the SBK App:

SBK App Information:SBK App Details:
The Bonus Amount:TBA
Key T&Cs:TBA
SBK App Sports:Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf
SBK App Features:In-play betting, Live Score with rapid upgrades, Regularly updated odds
SBK App Launch Date:TBA

How To Use The SBK App?

The new SBK app is still in the beta phase of the testing process. However, users from the UK area can apply via email in order to get the invite code from this brand and try out their new mobile app before everyone else.

From what we have been able to see the new SBK app provides a very modern looking online sportsbook service. This is a good thing since we know that, even though SBK has some decent odds in their offers, the user interface is what also counts these days.

When the users open up the app they are immediately greeted with the home page showing today’s events, popular games for this period of time and also the option to browse through all games.

The side menu can be opened up by swiping to the right or clicking the menu button. This side menu holds your personal information which can be modified in the Settings and support page.

SBK App Side Menu

This section of the app also has your funds shown at all times with additional options to deposit or withdraw your money. By checking your balance you can also see your previous bets and stats.

But the main aspect of the side menu is reserved for sports categories but also markets comparison feature which can be accessed through the Top markets button on the top.

Betting on a specific event is very easy too since the page will provide you three options – 1, X, 2 but in a very appealing way since the user-interface is designed to look good.

Users can also place two or more bets at once which is shown in a very clear way so that you can sum up your bets and calculate your odds just before you finish up placing a bet.

SBK Sports Betting

SBK’s new app will definitely help this brand spread its good reputation even further since they have so far been very good with their games offers, and their users rarely get bored with the variety of games.

Some of the most popular SBK Sports betting categories that will be available through this app too are:

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Golf
  • Tennis, etc.

SBK Sports Betting

SBK App Features

The new SBK Sports betting app will have various features that will make things a lot easier to the UK bettors.

For instance, bettings markets, which we have already mentioned above, will provide a mixture of interesting daily offers for punters to enjoy.

Then, a big part of every betting mobile app is a security since, after all, we tend to store some of the most sensitive information into our mobile devices.

This is probably why SBK developers have decided to implement a 2-Factor Authentication and double the security on their new app.

Other useful features that are worth mentioning are:

  • In-play betting
  • Account deposit and withdrawal
  • Live scores with rapid updates
  • Up to date odds

About Smarkets

Smarkets is a developing company which became known for simplifying peer-to-peer trading that is connected to either sporting or political events. They proudly talk about their leading commision rates and the best odds in the betting market.

The company began as a small group of investors and engineers who decided to implement financial trading policies into the online betting world.

Today, Smarkets has 106 employees from 32 different countries around the world.

It makes sense that their next step toward building up their brand in the online betting community is to create an SBK Sports betting app which would put Smarkets in front of the competition.

Smarkets Logo

SBK App Customer Support

Smarkets’ current website has a very good customer support team ready to answer any of your questions. Their response time is quite good, as we have heard only good things so far from the users.

Players can connect with the support team through email, Twitter, Live Chat and a phone number.


The new SBK app definitely looks like a fun tool that you can utilize while betting online.

For more information about the app itself and its full released date, be sure to revisit this review sometime in the future as we will keep you up to date. As of right now, the app is in beta testing phase, with the lucky few being given the early access. We still don’t have the release date announced, so we will have to wait a bit more for that information.

While you wait for SBK app to become live, might we suggest playing with Betfair or Tempobet.

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